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Our Story

Tea & Porch - A Story Born from Lifelong Passion

Good Old Times

As a youngster, I spent most of my time on my bike or in my grandfather's workshop. When I learned the secrets of hand-making unique pieces, then I was in love. Somewhere in my grandfather's workshop, 30 years ago, the idea of ​​a Porch and Tea store was born.

Grandpa proudly claimed that every house in the neighbourhood has at least one thing that was in his hands. I was flattered to be the right hand of such a master. Grandpa remained faithful to the workshop until the latest days. I continued with college and then my first job.

Early Beginnings of Porch & Tea

It was the weekend. I woke up and realized that I had 3 phones next to me and over 20 calls that I needed to make.

Something had to change, I was exhausted. I'm a man with the phones off. Man spends afternoons on the porch with family over tea. A man running away from the crowds. A man who looks forward to reading books on the porch.

After years of studying and following my parents' footsteps, I gave up what filled me as a child.

Since I am not relatively young enough to become a cycling champion, I decided to revive my grandfather's workshop and acquaintances with his former assistants. I gathered around me a team of 3 masters. John, Isaac and Gabriel. We will continue where Grandpa left off. We will make things for your porch, your home, your shelves and pockets!

As a grown man, I will continue to follow my passion, furnishing your home and work area with antique items.

Why Vintage?

Grandpa always said that fashion is coming back and that beauty is in simplicity. Then why, complicate?

"The items I make have no expiration date, and that's how it is," my grandfather claimed

There's something in the records. There is something in rewinding the tape with a wooden pencil. There is something in things made of unique materials. There is something in wooden boxes and porcelain teacups. There is something about all these old items that never ages and always looks freshly unpacked.

This is why Nenad cultivates a passionate love for the good old days and the things that created it. The reason why he shares with you a hundred precious items for the home and stories written on his porch.

With our craftsmen team, we will provide you with a significant part of those good old days. Add a sense of heritage to your home with our vintage selection.

Porch & Tea Today

Today, 4 years later, our team gathers over 20 masters or over 40 skilled hands. Each of these hands cultivates a love for some natural material. Wood, metal or porcelain, it doesn't matter… everyone has found themselves in something. It is essential to follow the guidelines of the elderly. Simplicity and natural. Why complicate?

And noon on the porch? It is quiet, with the family, tea, no phone… the way I want it.

Surround yourself with good people. For other things, we will take care of you.

Nenad from Tea and Porch.